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Joslin is the modern embodiment of the oasis dream. Carefree and sweet just like her sweetheart neckline and strapless semi-illusion bodice finished with diagonal pleats which visually draws the bride’s waist in. She is joyous in the way she moves as her ever-popular A-line silhouette sweeps around with her semi-illusion train. As she turns and pirouettes with her gown through the wind, her laser cut chiffon design on her tulle metallic fabric highlights the glitter tulle underlay of her gown. Fall in love with every detail of Joslin including her detachable off shoulder pleated straps for that defined look.  


Colour: Ivory

Sleeve: Detachable straps

Designed by: Madi Lane Bridal

SKU: ML22799


  • Available in Ivory (shown)
  • Available in sizes 2 to 28
  • Style Code: ML22799
  • ML22799LNS (Front bodice lined strapless) – variation pricing available upon enquiry.
  • ML22799LNSPT (Front bodice lined strapless Plain tulle) – variation pricing available upon enquiry.
  • ML22799PT (Plain tulle) – variation pricing available upon enquiry.
  • Detachable straps included
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