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Anita Double


The double height version of Anita, Anita Double will adorn your head with classical elegance. This piece features an array of fine metal leaves alongside elegant pearl and crystal embellishments, pairing perfectly with a modern dress or an elegant up-do hairstyle. The metal frame of the bridal crown is bendable, allowing the crown to be easily shaped to your head with no tight pressure when wearing so that you can have a headache-free breeze of a wedding day. Anita Double is a beautiful touch of minimal elegance that the modern bride embraces.


Designed by: Windsor Bridal Jewellery

Type: Hair Accessory

SKU: WH6882


Anita is also available in a single headband in Silver and Gold.

Material: Brass and Swarovski Crystal
Weight: 64g
Height: 5cm

Anita Double in Silver is currently available at: Gold Coast, Chadstone.

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