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Suzanna is an angelic floral headband decorated with bundles of small and large pearls, delicate pearlescent flowers and arrays of stunning pearl and metal leaf sprigs. Suzanna’s ornate design is slightly raised to imitate a real bundle of leaves and florals, a perfect match for white floral or lace bridal looks as it will pick up on and compliment fine details within your bridal outfit. Suzanna is soft, gentle and bendable allowing for comfortable wear all day and night long. For a bride looking for an ethereal statement piece, Suzanna is the perfect bridal headband for you.


Designed by: Windsor Bridal Jewellery

Type: Hair Accessory

SKU: WH744


Width: Approximately 4.5cm
Weight: 145g

Suzanna in Silver is currently available at: Gold Coast, Chadstone.

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