Bridal Basics: Veils

When it comes to Bridal, it can be overwhelming when you see all the options, so we are breaking down some of the most common questions to make your dress journey a little easier!⁠ In our Bridal Basics series, we’re simplifying the bridal experience by delving into the world of bridal veils. 

From vintage-inspired bird cage veils to dramatic cathedral lengths, explore six popular styles designed to help you navigate your dress journey with ease. Whether you’re seeking minimalist charm or fairy-tale grandeur, discover the perfect veil to complement your wedding ensemble and capture the essence of your dream day.

Nori Head Band - Milla Nova

Bird Cage

This vintage-inspired veil style is perfect for brides who prefer a minimalist and low-fuss look. It typically consists of a small drape of fabric that lightly covers the face, creating a subtle and flirty aesthetic. The birdcage veil adds a touch of retro charm to the bridal ensemble while allowing the bride’s features to shine through.

Kinsley Veil by Madi Lane Bridal

Elbow Length

The elbow-length veil is a flirty and versatile option that ends at the elbow or natural waist, depending on the bride’s preference. This style adds volume and dimension to the overall look, particularly complementing wedding dresses with fuller skirts. It strikes a balance between traditional elegance and modern flair, making it a popular choice among brides seeking a romantic yet contemporary veil style.

Jayce Veil - Madi Lane Bridal

fingertip length

A perennial favorite among brides, the fingertip-length veil is a classic choice that never goes out of style. As the name suggests, this veil extends to the bride’s fingertips and is known for its universally flattering silhouette. It complements a wide range of dress styles, from sleek and minimalist to elaborate and ornate, making it a versatile option for brides of all tastes.

Roane Veil - Evie Young Bridal


A beloved choice among traditional brides, the blusher veil adds a touch of romance and nostalgia to the bridal ensemble. Crafted from a single piece of fabric, the blusher veil delicately covers the bride’s face, creating a soft and ethereal look. When worn behind the head, it forms a graceful two-tiered effect, adding depth and dimension to the overall appearance.

Cody Veil - Madi Lane Bridal


The tiered veil offers a modern twist on traditional veil styles, incorporating multiple layers of fabric to create volume and drama. While it can include a blusher-style layer, most contemporary tiered veils feature several tiers of fabric arranged to add height at the crown of the head. The top layer can be worn over the face during the bridal entrance for a dramatic reveal or swept to the back for a cascading effect.

Shaw Veil - Madi Lane Bridal


For brides dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding entrance, the cathedral-length veil is the epitome of romance and grandeur. With its breathtaking length that trails behind the bride, this veil style is designed to captivate the audience and make a stunning statement. Whether adorned with intricate lace or left sheer for a ethereal effect, the cathedral veil adds a touch of magic to the bridal ensemble, creating a memorable and enchanting moment.

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