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Madi Lane Bridal at Luv Bridal & Formal


An innate sense of style is synonymous with the Australian designer label, Madi Lane Bridal. 

Madi Lane bridal is both aspirational and attainable, offering exclusive pieces that look, feel and read modern contemporary couture for brides-to-be. Founded in Byron Bay, Madi Lane Bridal is exclusively available at Luv Bridal and Formal showrooms across Australia.

About Luv Bridal and Formal

Madi Lane is one of the sought after designers available at Luv Bridal and Formal which houses international designers for brides looking for their unique gown for their special day.

Luv Bridal has been part of the Australian bridal landscape since 2009 and allows brides to embrace over 40 years of experience when choosing their designer gown.

Here’s why you should consider booking an appointment at one of nine Luv Bridal and Formal showrooms!

  • Luv Bridal and Formal knows what it takes to make your dreams come true, offering one-on-one appointments with experienced stylists across nine stores nationwide and three in the USA. 
  • Brides-to-be have the opportunity to choose from a variety of international and national designer gowns including Madi Lane Bridal, at an affordable price point.
  • Luv Bridal and Formal only offer couture designs which feature delicate appliqué and embellishments which are artfully placed on the most high-quality fabrics ensuring the perfect shape for modern day women.

At Luv Bridal and Formal, the experience offered at our stunning showrooms is second to none when looking for your idyllic gown.

The team of experienced stylists have a passion of making their brides feel special and ensure they have a once-in-a-lifetime bridal experience when choosing their dream dress. The family friendly company aims to equip their brides with the best quality gowns, and there’s no better place to start then at the top with the directors of Luv Bridal and Formal.

  • Passionate director’s hand pick the world’s leading bridal designers to offer exclusive collections directly to our Australian showrooms.
  • The director’s wealth of knowledge and attention to detail enable Luv Bridal and Formal to offer designers such as Pronovias, St. Patrick, Mia Solano, and Australian designer Madi Lane.
  • Within each of the nine showrooms, experienced and welcoming stylists share their wealth of knowledge to their brides, taking the chaos out of choosing the perfect gown – from style, shape, measurements and custom designs – each stylist offers a unique and personal bridal experience.

It’s this special approach which makes Luv Bridal and Formal not just a one stop bridal shop but an individual and enriching experience tailored for each bride.

Delivery times for Luv Bridal and Formal

Luv Bridal and Formal offer international designer gowns, made to order, at the perfect price. It’s recommended that you start looking for your dream dress about seven months prior to your big day.

However, Luv Bridal and Formal understands engagement times vary so each showroom has gowns available for all our brides. Here’s how…

  • Delivery times are kept shorter on many of our designer collections, compared to other bridal stores.
  • Selected styles of our most popular gowns are kept in stock in our HQ for quick purchase.
  • On our international brands, we keep regular shipments coming in all the time offering a wider selection of gowns, with shorter waiting times.
  • Luv Bridal and Formal offer sample gowns which can be sold ‘off the rack’ for brides to walk out the door with, right away!

A deposit of 50% is usually required to secure your bridal gown, however being in the industry, we know how expensive weddings can quickly become.

Our compassionate stylists are available to offer flexible payments that suit our brides.

With this in mind, it’s time to start looking for your desired gown and there’s no better place to start then by booking an appointment at luvbridal.com.au, to secure a personal appointment at one of our spectacular showrooms!

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