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Lace Wedding Dresses at Luv Bridal and Formal


When it comes to choosing your dream gown there is plenty to consider before saying yes to the dress, for instance – shape, design, colour and fabric. Luv Bridal & Formal offers an assortment of gowns on display in their showrooms, but for now let’s talk about one of the most stylish and classic designs… lace wedding dresses.

A short buyer’s guide for lace wedding dresses

When it comes to choosing your gown, there are many fabrics to take into consideration, soft floaty tulle, creamy European crepe, intricate Gatsby beading and then there is lace. Many brides dream about wearing a lovely lace bodice, appliques of floral motifs and embellished lace details. So here is Luv Bridal & Formal’s short buyers guide to lace wedding dresses.

  • Consider what kind of lace you like – there are many different types, colours and looks so it’s always a good idea to do your research before stepping inside a showroom – the last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed.
  • Consider your gown – the next step is to head online to Luv Bridal & Formal and look at their specialty lace gowns. Take notice if the gowns you are shortlisting are featuring the lace you love. Once you have a few gowns you like, book your one-on-one appointment at one of nine stunning showrooms to try your dream dresses on!
  • Consider your location – this can play a part in determining how heavy and thick your gown is. It can also impact what kind of lace you might prefer, for instance soft French ‘eyelash’ lace can look exceptionally boho and beachy, while bold baroque lace can leave lasting impressions.

These few steps should arm you with just enough knowledge on lace, to help you decide what you like and what you love when it comes to deciding on a lace wedding dress.

How much do you really know about lace wedding dresses?

What you need to know about lace wedding dresses is this – they are timeless, classic and offer an incredibly romantic note to each bride’s big day.

  • Classic and elegant – no matter how many years pass when you look back on your dream day your lace wedding dress will still be ultimately timeless.
  • Oh so romantic – with a plethora of different lace stemming from couture fashion week to the ‘it’ celebrities walking down the aisle, lace has a place in everyone’s heart. No matter how little or how much, different lace from baroque, Italian or French offer unique looks to each gown.
  • Leave a lasting impression – lace is not only comfortable to wear, but photographs even better offering brides a soft and ever flattering look on their special day.

No matter what type of lace you choose your dream gown will leave your guests in awe and have your partner struck with love as your float down the aisle.

Signs You Should Invest in lace wedding dresses

Luv Bridal & Formal offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience when you visit one of their nine stunning showrooms across Australia. Each boutique offers one-on-one appointments with over 40 years of bridal experience. It’s this experience and expertise offered in each showroom which gives brides the knowledge and confidence to understand and love their lace wedding dress.

So on that note, head in store to one of our boutique showrooms to discover a variety of hand made and woven with love, lace wedding dresses. Book your one-on-one appointment now at luvbridal.com.au to secure your date – then you will be another step closer to saying ‘I do’.

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