• Novara Cathedral Veil
  • Novara Cathedral Veil

Novara Veil


Enhance the breathtaking beauty of the Novara gown with our exquisite Cathedral Length Novara Veil. This ethereal veil is adorned with intricate embroidery, delicate bead motifs, and shimmering sequins, perfectly complementing the grace and allure of the Novara wedding dress. The cathedral length adds a touch of timeless elegance, gracefully cascading down the aisle as you walk. The veil’s intricate embellishments mirror the captivating design of the Novara gown, creating a harmonious and mesmerizing ensemble. 

This style is available to try on in selected showrooms. Please enquire with your local showroom regarding its availability.


Designed by: Jeune Bridal

Type: Veil

SKU: V0011


  • Available in Ivory (As Shown)
  • 110″ Cathedral length
  • Embroidered/Sequin/Bead Motif


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