• Munich Cathedral Bridal Veil

Munich Veil


Introducing the Munich Veil, a breathtaking cathedral-length veil that exudes elegance and enchantment. This exquisite veil is crafted to perfection, featuring a captivating sequin bead trim that adds a touch of shimmer and sophistication. As you walk down the aisle, the veil gracefully cascades behind you, creating a dramatic and magical effect. The cathedral length adds a sense of grandeur and romance to your bridal ensemble, The Munich Veil is designed to complement our Munich gown, adding a touch of timeless beauty and charm. Embrace the allure of this stunning veil as it enhances your bridal look with its intricate details and sheer beauty, ensuring that you will make an unforgettable impression as you begin your journey to forever.

This style is available to try on in selected showrooms. Please enquire with your local showroom regarding its availability.


Designed by: Jeune Bridal

Type: Veil

SKU: V0019


Available in Ivory (As Shown)

110″ Cathedral length

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