Wedding dress shopping… where to begin?! When searching for your wedding dress, the amount of choices available can be somewhat overwhelming, especially when you are just starting to shop and there is one thing for certain – you want to look your absolute best. Aside from the fact that you are the bride and everyone will be looking at you, your dress will be front and centre and people cannot wait to see what you will wear.

Each and every bride has a different body type, shape and size, this is why it is of great importance to understand the different wedding dress silhouettes and what bridal gown style is going to work best on your body type.

Here’s a quick and easy outline of the various styles available.


Ideal for slender frames that would like to show off their curves, the mermaid wedding dress style is fitted through the body from the chest to the knee and softly flairs out close to the knee.

A-line Wedding Dress

Resembling the outline of an uppercase ‘A’, the a-line wedding dress has a fitted bodice through the waist that flows out to the ground.


Also known as a princess wedding dress or fairytale wedding dress, the ball gown wedding dress is fitted through the bodice and flairs at the waist with a full skirt. This style is ideal for most body shapes.


The trumpet wedding dress style is fitted through the body and flairs from the mid thigh. This style is a mix between the a-line and mermaid bridal gown. This style works beautifully on a body shape with a smaller waists as it accentuates the stomach and hip area.


Ideal for lean frames and brides who would like to show off more of their curves, the sheath wedding dress is a narrow shape that flows straight down from the neckline to the hem.

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