Inspired by the outdoors, wild flowers, canopies, tipis, the light scent of grass and a whimsical backdrop of nature, a garden wedding is truly an enchanting theme.

Take a look at just how special this wedding set up is.

We are lost in the world of sophisticated outdoor settings accompanied by a range of lighting structures. From fairy lights and candles to chandeliers and illuminated paper balls, this theme allows for the creativity and individual style.

Large tablecloths can adorn your tables; haystacks can become your cocktail seating arrangements, decorated swings can create fun and a unique display of a picnic rugs can create a casual atmosphere.

The flowers are clustered, natural and flowing in different formations. Draped from ceilings, chairs and spilled between walkways, the scent intrigues and the colours enchant the guests.

A range of green tones naturally colour and fill the area. Wooden textures compliment the raw and open environment and create a personal touch.

The most delicious part of it all…. the cake. It is naked or shard. It is original, unique, creative and is displayed in the most special section outdoor setting.

We are completely in awe and dreaming of attending a garden themed wedding.

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