Always have and always will love you

– Dulwich Rose Park, United Parish Church

WEDDING DATE: 12 March 2016


Tell us about your love story!

We meet back in 2002 in high school we were only 14 years old and we became really good friends. As the years went past though our friendship became something more and we finally got together in year 12 when we had our first kiss may 20th 2005 J. He popped the question 2014 in the beginning of our big Europe adventure, we had a stopover in his home country in Cambodia to meet his family. We climbed Bokor Mountain where he took me aside to a rock plateau and we were standing on a cliff side of the mountain with lookout to the ocean. However it was a bit foggy so it literally felt like we were standing amongst the clouds a bit scary but an amazing experience as there was no rails or anything up there a view I will never forget. Next thing you know his down on bended knees popping the question I waited 9 years for lol.

Describe what marriage means to you.

It means dedication, commitment, unconditional love, support and always being there for each other no matter how many years go by.

The wedding location.

We got married at Dulwich Rose Park United Parish church. We decided to get married here because it was a beautiful church that was surrounded by beautiful green trees outside and street scape. Also we are both religious I am Catholic and he’s Protestant so we both always knew that it was going to be a church wedding within the presence of God.

The theme of your wedding.

Our theme was elegant so we went for all white chiavari chairs, white draping around the reception ballroom, long glass vases with white flowers and crystal glass pieces hanging from the flowers for our centerpieces, mirrored welcome sign, mirrored wishing well, mirrored cake plinth and a squared clear glass invitation with white fonts. As mirrored and white we believe went well with our elegant theme we were after.

The bride’s dress.

I went for a mermaid looking dress which I fell in love with the bottom of the dress. As it was different to others I had seen. The amazing long veil with the pattern on it complimented the dress and was beautiful. My husband reaction was he was intrigues by the bottom of the dress too as he thought the bottom looked amazing and the veil was a jaw dropper for him when I first walked through the church doors.

Ceremony & reception.

Ceremony was Dulwich Rose Park United Parish and the reception was at the festival function center.

Wedding songs.

Our wedding songs for the night was a mixture of Latin, Cambodian and English to combine my Latin American background with his Cambodian background.

Our first dance song was “fall again “by Glen Lewis which we choreographed some moves ourselves 2 days before the wedding.

Food, food, food!

We had a 7 course Asian banquet which consisted off 1. Mixed entrée cold platter of pickled salad, cracking pork pieces, prawn spring roll, 2. Crab soup, 3.Crab Balls, 4. Lobster with Noddle’s and steamed vegetables, 5.Fried Rice 6. De-boned fried chicken, 7.Steamed shallots barramundi fish and for dessert fruit salad with our wedding cake

Most memorable moment.

I would say seeing his face while walking down the aisle and having two cultures come as one on the dance floor on the night.

What about the extra details?

Any other special details you would like to share with us.

What’s the best advice you can give a bride and groom planning their wedding?

As stressful as planning a wedding could get just remember the reason why you’re doing it. Make decisions together on picking things out for the wedding as only one person doing everything can got overwhelming. Make sure to take some time out together on the night and soak in the moment. Also For brides to be not to stress on the day if anything doesn’t go according to plan just let it go and just keep going and enjoy your day with your husband to be as the day goes past so quick.

Favourite love quote.

Our favorite love quote would be “always have and always will love you” as these words have a lots of meaning to us as we can relate to the words. As we have stuck by each other and have grown so much together and these words we always come back to on how we feel about one another.

What do you look forward to most as Mr. & Mrs.?

That after waiting 11 years to get to this moment we can finally call each other husband and wife officially.


Wedding Venue: Festival Function Centre

Photography: Jason Wong Photography

Hair: Gemma Vendetta & Aleesha O’Reilly

Caterer: Ing Catering

Cake: Cristarella Cakes

Jewellery: Miss Martini 

Music/Entertainment: Dstar Entertainment 

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