Which Bouquet Will You Carry Down The Aisle?

Every season the leaves change colour, the florals bloom and the variations of flowers are continually transforming into an array of unique bouquet arrangements.

From vibrant Summer-like colours to darker tones perfect for cooler weather, there is an arrangement suitable for every season and every theme. It’s up to you to decide what compliments your gown and ceremony.

We’ve outlined the most popular wedding bouquet styles to help you choose an arrangement that you will love!


A simple, yet elegant and traditional bouquet, designed as either a tight cluster for density, or loosely for an ‘airy’ feel. This type of bouquet works wells with all wedding and dress style.


Also referred to as an ‘arm sheath’ bouquet, long stem flowers and foliage that the bride cradles in her arm, as modestly or elaborately designed as desired. A stunning alternative for a more modern wedding.


Originally referred to as ‘shower bouquets,’ this bouquet is the most formal and most traditional, designed to spill gracefully over the bride’s hand as it flows downward for a sophisticated and stylised look. Almost any flower can be used in this style.


Compact cluster of flowers, where stems are wrapped tightly, often with organza or satin ribbon, and cut to one, uniform length. Traditionally these bouquets contain more greenery than other bouquets.


Often referred to as a ‘kissing ball’ for the ‘ball’ of many blossoms, suspended from a loop of decorative ribbon. Flowers are typically all the same size and touch or overlap in design.


Small and round, it can easily be held in one hand. One of more often-chosen bouquets for brides and bridesmaids alike because of their ability to incorporate a wide range of flower types and shapes that are rich in colour and interest.