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It’s time to keep the party going and the laughing to continue with some amazing and super fun hens party game ideas.

Make your hens night memorable, have everyone blushing, laughing and getting along with each other perfectly. From hilarious to a little humiliating, you are bound to find one to suit your party style.

Banned Words

Easy, fun and as naughty as you like! Choose a list of words that no one can say throughout the night – always a good idea to choose words that are hard to avoid! Then decide what penalty you would like to give for breaking the rules, maybe a shot, doing a dare or paying a fine.

Pass the Parcel

This game is very similar to the ‘Pass the Parcel’ game you played as a kid at birthday parties, however this one steps it up a notch… the prizes are a little more naughty and the challenges are risqué. In each layer of paper that needs to be unwrapped, slip in an embarrassing task or a fun little gift. The final gift should be something that is memorable and gets everyone laughing.

Post-It Note

Have a bunch of post-it notes and pass them around to each guest who must write a short sentence about the bride, or a memory they have with her. Once everyone is finished, place them in a bowl and have the bride pick them out one by one. She then has to read them aloud and guess who wrote which one.

The Questions

Light-hearted, fun and hilarious way to find out how much the bride really knows her groom. To pull this one off, you must rope in the groom to answer a bunch of questions you put forward to him. You then need to ask the bride the questions and see if they match the groom’s answers. If they do, think of a fun way the bride and penalise the guests. If they don’t, think of a fun penalty for the bride.

Toilet Paper Couture

One of the most well-known hens games, this game involves many rolls of toilet paper and everyone breaking into small teams. The aim is for each team to create a dream wedding dress on one of your team members. The catch is, you only get 5 minutes to complete the task and at the end the model needs to strut and show off the dress that the team has created. The bride gets to choose the winning team.

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