Beach Wedding Inspiration

Wedding bells and sea shells, this latest wedding theme inspiration is bound to have you lusting for sand between your toes and breezy winds brushing through your hair.

Some people have an instinctual pull towards the sea, the beach and the rolling waves with its unpredictable tides and shades of blue and green. There’s something about this scene that will forever be close to our hearts. Here is an inspirational theme for the bride who dreams of a day where the ocean gently rolls onto the beige surfaces of the land whilst she exchanges vows filled with love.

The bride is summer kissed and lightly bronzed, she is barefoot and the fresh and salty air has transformed her hair into delicate loose curls. Her dress is light and moves freely as she walks on the texture that makes her feel most at home, the sand. She is happy, she is glowing and she is completely her element as the warm weather touches the bare surface along her back.

The flower girls frolic in their tulle loose ballerina skirts that softly flow in the wind. The hair is loose and surrounded by a crown of intertwined flowers and natural greenery. The ring bearers adorn a casual shirt whilst maintaining elegance with a blush pink bow tie and earthy colours.

Wild, unstructured and loose, the bride’s bouquet cascades softly down her beach wedding gown and shines as the suns rays reflect from the highlighted tones in the flowers.

Natural backgrounds encapsulate the feel of the ceremony and reception. Fairy lights fill the area while candles are spread over all surfaces letting go a light flame that warms the atmosphere. Flowers adorn the table tops and the white colour palette enhances the blues and greens from the ocean.

The accessories and extra details add fun, fill the natural setting with laughter and create a loving touch so unique that you can feel the love that has been placed into the wedding theme throughout the entire afternoon.

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