Once the big day is over, it’s often easy to forget about your wedding gown, as you don’t often have plans to wear it again. But, maybe you would like to pass it on one day to your daughter, or resell it. Taking action early can help preserve your beautiful gown and avoid some of the most common mistakes other brides make when it comes to bridal gown preservation.

Mistake #1: Delaying dry cleaning.

After the wedding many brides are caught up in their honeymoon, getting their wedding photos and changing their name. So, getting the wedding dress cleaned is often on the back burner. Often the gown will have marks on it from grass, dirty floors, tan marks, spilt drinks and body perspiration. These marks can often leave a permanent mark if left unattended. Luv Bridal recommends preserving your gown, ideally within one month of your wedding.

Mistake #2: DIY Cleaning

After a wedding, the budget tends to be extremely tight, with many brides not budgeting for dry cleaning in advance. Therefore, many try to take a DIY approach in cleaning their wedding gown. This is a BIG no no! Although club soda can help remove stains, it can also leave ring marks on silk and will not remove greasy spots such as lipstick. With delicate fabrics such as satin, the fabrics finish can often be finished away. No wedding dress deserves this treatment.

Mistake #3: Hanging it by the straps

Always use the ribbons attached to your wedding dress on the inside. The ribbons are sewn into the seams of the dress, and designed to support the weight of your wedding gown. Hanging by the straps can often impact the fabric and lace, stretching your gown out of shape.

When planning your wedding and allocating funds within your budget, be sure to factor in a professional dry cleaner with experience preserving wedding dress. It is well and truly worth the investment.

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