Like most Aussie brides-to-be with their finger on the pulse, you’ve probably been pouring over Luv Bridal’s new collections. Well, you can stop staring and start touching because they’re in store!

Among them you may have noticed a couple of little cuties known collectively as ‘tea-length’ dresses: namely, Suri and Sasi by our new designer Madi Lane.

Luv Bridal - Madi Lane - Bridal GownSURI Luv Bridal - Madi Lane - Bridal GownLuv Bridal - Madi Lane - Bridal GownLuv Bridal - Madi Lane - Bridal Gown

We can’t take credit for the tea-length trend: tea-length dresses have been in existence for almost a century and came to fame in the 1950’s with devotees like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.


So, if you’re looking to channel some old Hollywood glamour, this may be the look for you, but here are some reasons we LUV this look so much:

  1. Dancing the night away!

A tea-length gown’s elevated hem presents the perfect opportunity to tear up the dance floor. Don’t worry about the need to have your gown bustled, just get out there and boogie down!

  1. Shoes, glorious shoes!

For a bride with a serious shoe fetish tea-length really is the only way to go! A tea-length gown is the perfect way to showcase a special pair of heels. Be bold and think about incorporating a colour like hot pink or cobalt blue and give some thought as to how the combination of a tea-length hem and statement footwear could help pull your theme together. For example, many a country bride wants to wear her trusty cowboy boots on her wedding day and also wants to show them off: tea-length is the perfect way to do this.

  1. Nail that vintage look!

Tea-length doesn’t just lend itself to a rustic country wedding; it is the ultimate choice for a bride committed to staging a truly vintage affair. After all, the tea-length dress is a glamorous symbol of eras gone by, starlets passed and style unrivalled by modern standards. Team your tea-length gown with a birdcage veil and button bouquet and you’ll be a vintage bride for the ages.

  1. Beaches, riverbanks and bushes…Oh My!

Go absolutely anywhere in your tea-length dress without worrying about bringing the outside inside! Tea-length grants you the freedom to stroll barefoot along a sandy shoreline or frolic in a field. Just imagine the incredible images your photographer could capture of you and your love on your special day and don’t be afraid to attempt a few crazy stunts for the perfect shot: your man will be there to catch you, just as he will every day for the rest of your life.

  1. Tea-length: a dress for all seasons!

Not only can tea-length take you over dune and down dale it can do so in all weather while staying beautifully clean. Your reception guests will never guess you’ve just been playing leapfrog for the camera on the banks of a rural river and if you happen to strike a particularly hot day, you’ll be grateful for the occasional breeze.

  1. Put your bridesmaids in cocktail dresses!

In a tea-length dress you don’t need to worry about finding full length gowns for your bridesmaids to wear. Pop them into something cute and cocktail-length that they can wear again and they’ll thank you for it!

  1. Wear your dress more than once!

Speaking of something you can wear again, why not wear your wedding dress to your first anniversary dinner? Team it with a cropped tuxedo jacket and statement heels for a monochrome look or have the hem elevated further and turn it into a fun party dress reserved for those big moments in your life together.

  1. Save money on alterations!

Should you decide to turn your wedding dress into the quintessential LWD (little white dress) post your big day, that may be the only additional monies you ever spend on altering your dress. One of the big drawcards when it comes to tea-length dresses is avoiding unforseen costs. There are no hard and fast rules about what constitutes a tea-length gown except to say that the hem should fall below the knee and above the ankle. You may know this hem length as ‘midi.’ Think about the dresses you already own they may fall into different categories; short, cocktail, knee-length and formal but their hem lengths will rarely be exactly the same.

  1. Be an individual!

Tea-length gowns are highly customizable and allow you to put your stamp on your bridal look. We have already discussed many ways in which you can do this but to get you started, think about opting for a shorter veil: the lesser-worn shoulder-length veil is a nice tip-of-the-hat to a shorter hem, consider a sweet little box clutch instead of, or in addition to your bouquet and put much more thought into your shoes than you otherwise would. For a winter wedding, a faux fur stole is a classic complement to a tea-length dress.

  1. Don’t let yourself be limited!

Almost any gown can be made tea-length! We recommend starting with a ball gown like, Desi, Davina, Carris or Bronte.

To learn more about how Luv Bridal can help you find your perfect tea-length wedding dress, book an appointment with one of your local stores.